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Customs Code of the Republic of Armenia
January 1, 2001, amended to July 1, 2003

SECTION 1. General provisions.
SECTION 2. Transportation of goods and means of transportation across customs border; customs regimes.
SECTION 3. Licensing and control of certain types of activities associated with customs affairs.
SECTION 4. Determination of customs value of the goods transported through the customs border of the republic of armenia.
SECTION 5. Customs payments.
SECTION 6. Customs formalities.
SECTION 7. Customs control.
SECTION 8. Currency control.
SECTION 9. Country of origin of the goods.
SECTION 10. Customs privileges of certain foreign persons.
SECTION 11. Management of customs statistics and nomenclature of goods of foreign economic activity.
SECTION 12. Smuggling, investigation and intelligence activities of customs bodies.
SECTION 13. Violations of customs regulations and liability for it; proceeding of cases of customs regulations violation.
SECTION 14. Support of the customs authorities in protection of intellectual property rights.
SECTION 15. Disposing certain goods and the use of the revenues obtained.
SECTION 16. Customs officials.
SECTION 17. Final provisions.

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